About ProMotion Networking

ProMotion Networking is a fun loving and somewhat zany group of professional business men and women, located in the Northwest area of Las Vegas. Our goal is to assist each other in building their business by providing quality business leads and being an effective sales force. Each member has displayed the highest level of competence in their respective fields. Each business category is represented by only one member and conflicts of interest are not permitted.

Research has shown that membership in a professional business networking group enables you to earn a higher income, feel connected within your industry, and have a more satisfying career. As a member of Pro-Motion Networking, you’ll have fun doing it. Download Membership Application.

Should You Join ProMotion Networking?

  • At ProMotion Networking, you’ll get back what you give. Because everyone shares ideas, resources and referrals willingly, our knowledge and sphere of influence grows exponentially.
  • ProMotion Networking is more like becoming a part of a family in which you are all looking out for opportunities for one another. Expect to meet contacts that will call you when they hear of opportunities for you.
  • ProMotion Networking allows you to expand your circle of acquaintances. You will eventually become acquainted with not only those you meet through the group, but also many of their friends, and even some of those friends’ friends.
  • When you receive a referral from a Pro-Motion Networking member, someone is interested in doing business with you and is expecting a call. We require QUALIFIED leads. You will never receive a “Cold Call” lead.
  • ProMotion Networking doesn’t haved referral quotas. We believe that the more you give, the more you get.
  • At each weekly meeting, every member is given an opportunity to give a short “commercial” about their business, to help the members of the group better understand your business and how they can help.
  • Each week, one member is allowed 15-20 minutes to give a more detailed explanation of their business or related subject. This is done on a voluteer basis and is done through periodic sign ups.
  • ProMotion Networking is affordably priced. There is a one time membership fee of $100. Weekly breakfast meetings are $12 and includes your meal and tip.
  • Download Membership Application

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