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Promote and Expand
Your Business With Networking

Everyone Knows Referrals Are The Best Possible Leads, Right?

We Are Committed To Referring Members Of The Group To Grow Each Of Our Businesses

Networking means that your business is also about who the people you know, know

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Long-Time Entrepreneurs

Members of Promotion Networking are long-time residents


People You Can Trust

Members will give their best possible service to your referrals


Build Relationships

Make friends and establish resources


Become A Resource

When you give a quality referral, people you know will ask for more


Tell People That You Know

When your referral does well, it adds creditability to your business


Receive Referrals

Giving a referral puts the recipient on high-alert to return the business

We Meet Thursday Mornings at 7:00 AM

Summit Restaurant at Eagle Crest Golf Course

2215 Thomas W. Ryan Blvd In Summerlin

(use single door snack bar entrance in back)

Breakfast with Drink is $12 (includes tax and tip)

Membership Fee is Waived in 2021 – JOIN NOW!

ProMotion Networking is a fun-loving and somewhat zany group of professionals who meet weekly to exchange qualified leads. Our goal is to assist each other in building our businesses by providing quality business referrals.

Each member becomes an effective sales force for all of the other members. Our members must operate with honesty and integrity, and bring a high level of competence in their respective fields.

Each business category is represented by only one member, and conflicts of interest are not permitted. Some positions require interviewing for the position.

Meet Our Networking Group’s

Current Members

Promotion Networking Group has been in Las Vegas for over 15 years. Our members are professionals who know the importance of building relationships through referrals.


This spot is reserved for our newest member. Visit the group, ask my grandpa,  or apply for membership through the link.

Real Estate Expert

You need a real estate expert on your team. You need my wife to find or sell your house!

ASAP Security

Security Ninja

Warning Warning! It’s all an illusion. You are perfectly safe in Las Vegas – until you’re not. I’ll run the course to protect you.


Mary Kay Lady

Do you want to have perfect skin and make-up?  It’s an art… I’ll show you!


The Printing Guy

Quality printing with fast service. We only use the latest and greatest machines. Trust the expert – he’ll spell it out for you.

Swimming Pool Stud

Everyone wants the “Best” Swimming Pool guy in town – right? He has lots of experience! We can refer him!


Bug Attacker

Every home in Vegas needs a serious bug attacker! I kill them before they kill you!

Insurance Dude

Home, Car, and Business Insurance. We can “insure” you that our dude is the best! But I think his wife does most of the work…


Financial Guy

Building Wealth is the name of the game. If you’re broke, insure your spouse first before you bump ’em off. Oh! and I sell stock!


Branding With Thread

Brands, Brandy, it’s close! l make your business stand out. Get your new company swag here!

The Money Man

You don’t really get money, I make you sign lotsa papers, Then you get a house to live in! The American Dream – Debt…


A Body Lover

Having a nice body is important! Every body, I mean car, needs a body lover to give it some love. I’m the best body guy in town!

 Everyone Achieves More Working Together

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Should You Join ProMotion Networking?

  • At ProMotion Networking, you’ll get back what you give. Because everyone shares ideas, resources and referrals willingly, our knowledge and spheres of influence grow exponentially.

  • ProMotion Networking is more like becoming a part of a family in which you are all looking out for opportunities for one another. Expect to meet contacts that will call you when they hear of opportunities for you.

  • ProMotion Networking allows you to expand your circle of acquaintances. You will eventually become acquainted with not only those you meet through the group, but also many of their friends, and even some of those friends’ friends.

  • When you receive a referral from a Pro-Motion Networking member, someone is interested in doing business with you and is expecting a call. We require QUALIFIED leads. You will never receive a “Cold Call” lead.

  • ProMotion Networking doesn’t have referral quotas or high membership dues. We believe that the more you give, the more you get.

  • At each weekly meeting, every member is given an opportunity to give a short “commercial.” This is your opportunity to learn about each business and to share yours.

  • The more you learn about other businesses and other businesses learn about yours, we all have a better idea of who we know that can use each other’s services.

  • Each week, one member is speaks for 15-20 minutes to give a more detailed explanation of their business or market. This is done on a volunteer basis and is done through periodic sign-ups.

  • ProMotion Networking is affordably priced. There is a one-time membership fee of $100. (waived in 2021) Weekly breakfast meetings are $12 and include your meal, tax, and tip.


We Are Pro-Motion Networking Group